Don’t want a wedding cake?

Have you ever imagined a wedding without a wedding cake?  It’s probably not as unusual or rare as you may think.  Some people just don’t like cakes and why stop them from having a delicious ending to their reception?  So, what can you have in lieu of a wedding cake?  Here are some ideas that we’ve gathered.

Picture courtesy of I’d Rather Be Baking Company
Cupcakes can be unique and used for brides who can’t make up their minds on what they want their “cakes” to look like.

Apple Pie 
Picture courtesy of I’d Rather Be Baking Company
Or if you aren’t a cake eater, how about a homemade apple pie? 

Photo found on Biscuit Rising Blog
Something new and unique is the dessert shot glass.  Fill these 4 oz shot glasses with your favorite dessert whether it be strawberry cheesecake, chocolate brownies, tiramisu, carrot cake, etc.  The list goes on and on.  The best part, you can double these shot glasses as favors for your wedding guests!

Options are endless.  Just think about what dessert you love the most and have it at your wedding.  You shouldn’t have a wedding cake because you feel like it completes the wedding.  Your entire wedding shows your style and shows a glimpse of who you and your spouse are so why cut it short by having an unwanted wedding cake?  If you both love candy, have a buffet of your favorite candies!


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