Happy Belated New Year!

I know…I’m about 6 days late on wishing everyone a happy new year.  It’s been a busy time with moving to a new home and trying to take care of business and personal things.  Everyone knows how that goes.  Well, this year I’m hoping to really be inspired with new and unique wedding designs so that I can help others make their dream wedding a reality! 

In our new home, I get an office!  I’m super excited and I have been thinking about ways to create an environment that will allow me to be organized, creative, and to keep me on track with my 2011 goals.

My husband introduced me to a great site called Stumble Upon.  What a great way to get inspired!  I think I could definitely spend hours online looking at the fun and creative ideas people have at their weddings.

Here is a great wedding with some adorable details.  http://greenweddingshoes.com/real-wedding-stacy-pauls-anthropolgie-inspired-wedding/ – a sample picture is below.

I wish you all a happy, loving, and wonderful new year filled with all the things that inspire you.  I’d love to hear about what your goals for 2011 are and what inspires you.


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