Seat Assignments

We all know how difficult it can be to create seating assignments at a wedding.  I’ve used sticky notes, I’ve used Microsoft Visio, and even Microsoft PowerPoint!  Out of these three things that I’ve tried, I’d have to say that sticky notes were the “easiest” to use…until I stumbled across  They have an interactive seating chart that you can use to easily create your reception place and make tables!  The only hard part may be to figure out the dimensions of the reception venue BUT if you have a good catering manager/food & beverage manager at the venue, they should be able to provide that information for you.

Here is a screen print I took while using their demo.  You select the table shape (circle or square) and then a handy window pops up asking how many people can be seated at the table (the average is 10 people for a round).  Then it creates the table for you!  You can drag people from your guest list over to the table and move their guests with the name (as shown below).  How much easier can this get?!

Take a look at it when you have some time.  I think it’s a great tool and it could make your seating assignment task a lot easier.  🙂  Happy seat assigning!


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