Spectacular Spring Party

I didn’t have a baby shower so I took a Southern Tradition and brought it to Southern California.  Sip & See’s were used to present the newest member of a family to their family and friends.  I felt this was extremely appropriate because it was my second baby and I’m from Texas!

We held this amazing party at a neighborhood park in Camarillo, Calffornia and invited our closest friends to the event (our family is out-of-state).  I love tiffany blue (that’s why my company logo has this color!) and thought it was a cute color for a 2 month old baby boy.  I wanted it to be fun and sweet!  Spring influenced the design because spring is so bright and relaxing.  We had everyone bring their own picnic blankets and sip some tea and have little sweet treats to help us welcome our new baby boy.

Design & Style and Cake Pops: An Enlightened Event, Photography: Whitney Hartmann Photography, Brownies & Macarons: Petite Reve Chocolates, Cupcakes: Sugar Bear’s Cupcake Shack, Tea Bags: Etsy, Rentals: Ventura Rental Party Center

*Visit our new blog at www.anenlightenedevent.com/blog

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Where Have We Been?!

We have been working hard on coordinating events and weddings.  We had such an awesome end to the year.  2012 has been busy for us!  We’ve been working on a new site and figuring out the best way to make the best of our blog.  Come back soon and you’ll see some awesome new changes in the coming weeks.

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Save On Catering

I attended a fantastic webinar yesterday morning put on by the National Association of Catering Executives.  The speaker gave all the attendees a fantastic tip on saving on catering costs.  There’s a website called CaterBid.com.  You submit an event and local caterers submit bids that fit within your budget!  How awesome is that?  It’s quick and super easy.  You have the option to set the timeline of how long you’ll accept bids from 14 days to 90 days!

I submitted a couple of events (total time – 10 minutes) that are coming up and there appears to be high quality caterers that are bidding on catering the event.  This could save THOUSANDS for your wedding or event!  You can be as specific as you want in your bidding process and your personal information is not shown.  Other caterers can see what each have offered to you for your event which makes it even more competitive.  Give it a try!  www.caterbid.com

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Good Things

The last couple of weeks has been great!  We were able to help the Friends of the Fredeen Family raise $4,900 during the Praying for Nina Fundraising event.  How exciting is that?!?!  I hope this money helps the family.

I also booked 2 fall weddings – Laurel & Larry who will be getting married in August and Crystal & Danny who will be tying the knot in October.  I am so very lucky these couples have chosen me to oversee one of the most important days of their lives!  I’m crossing my fingers on booking another wedding for September.  I LOVE wedding season!

So I’ve been looking at my business lately and I’ve been wondering if I’m branding it correctly.  I have no idea!  I feel like my logo needs a facelift but I don’t really know exactly what I’m looking for.  Branding is so incredibly expensive but as one wise friend and colleague of mine stated “you only have to pay for it once”.

Today I attended a Rebranding and Reinventing Your Business webinar through NACE and the guest speaker is a videographer/filmmaker.  It motivated me to try to make a video to promote my business.  Of course, I don’t have the professional skills or equipment to make an awesome movie but I did take a stab at it.  What do you think?!

I’m looking forward to possibly being in a bridal show this August.  More details to come!

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Gowns…I love Wedding Gowns

I love wedding gowns which probably suits me since I am in the wedding industry.  🙂  I love Vera Wang gowns but who doesn’t?  Looking through a bridal magazine, I found a new designer (new to me, at least) called Pronovias.  Stunning gowns.  Check them out at www.pronovias.us.  I think you’ll love their wide selection of gowns from sleek and simple to dramatic.  I would have loved to wear a super dramatic gown such as the Aire in the Pronovias Dream Collection but I definitely don’t have the guts or the body to wear the dress.  I know there are a lot of brides out there who do and can pull it off.

Lately I’ve been thinking about owning my own bridal salon one day.  It’s definitely further down the road but I would love to be able to sell designer gowns to brides who can’t afford designer gown prices.  I know there are businesses out there that are like that but are there businesses that can buy a gown from a bride who doesn’t want to keep it under their bed or in the back of their closet?  There are charities that accept donations of gowns but some brides don’t want to donate the dress because they paid thousands for their dream dress.  At the same time, the brides don’t want to have the dress collect dust.  So, who would be the one to take the dress off of their hands?  I would love to do that one day.  Just going to keep dreaming until I have the opportunity to make that a reality.

 For now, I’m going to just keep looking at magazines at the beautiful dresses to get inspired and also attend trunk shows.  I’d love to share my finds with brides who are interested in finding their dream dress.  I love a good deal and I think I’m a pretty good shopper.  One of the many services I can provide to my brides when they hire me to be a part of their planning team.

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It’s a Beautiful Day

It’s a beautiful day and I hope you all had a great weekend.  I was finally able to figure out how to change my password (thanks, Molly!) on this Blog which will hopefully mean more posts! 

Belle Journee

Belle Journee was a successful event even though it was an overcast day.  The venue looked absolutely amazing because of all of the vendor booths and the displays that were presented by Ventura Rental Party Center.  I love those ladies there!  They are so creative and friendly…they make my job easy.

Look for some pictures on our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/AnEnlightenedEvent) and soon to be posted on our website.  Thank you to Lavender & Twine for the wonderful pictures.

What’s Next?!

Our next big event is decorating the gazebo at the Ojai Film Festival on 6 November for the No More Nylons Women in Business Social!  Thanks, Jodi for asking me to do this challenge.  I’m still coming up with some ideas and I’m hoping to have my inspiration board together soon.

Calling all engaged couples!

We’re looking for 5 engaged couples to be a part of our next photoshoot which is a Tuscan Wedding!  It’ll take place at the Su Nido Inn in Ojai and it’ll be a mock wedding.  We hope you’ll enter our “model” contest at http://aeemc2011.shutterfly.com.  Submissions must be received on the website no later than 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, 7 November.  We look forward to seeing your pictures and hearing about how you met your soulmate!  For information on how to enter and the great prizes you’ll receive, visit the website!

Until next time…

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Vote Now!

It’s a new day!  I’ve entered my daughter into a Parenting Magazine photo contest and I need your help in voting for her.  Will you please take a minute to vote?  Thank you!

Vote for me in this contest!
Vote for me!
Contest details

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What’s Been Happening

It’s been a while since my last post and that’s because it’s been busy in our house!  We went to Hawaii on vacation and taking care of an active 10 month old is exhausting.  When I tried to log in to this blog, my password would not work!  Of coure, as soon as I send an email to Support, my password magically works.  Gotta love it…

I’ve been receiving props for my photoshoot and I’m super excited.  My first staging photoshoot takes place on 13 June and my wonderful friend and photographer, Daniele Rose, will be taking the pictures.  I know they are going to be FANTASTIC.  Check back in June for a peak at the photos and links to the vendors who so kindly helped me with the props.

This past Wednesday I met some wonderful women at the Ojai Women in Busines Social at the Lavendar Inn.  I’m excited about building business relationships with all of them.  I do want you to check out this amazing florist, Roya from Dream Maker Floral in Camarillo.  If you ever need flowers, I highly recommend her.

Back to work!

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Our First Blog Post

Hello everyone!  This is our first blog and we’re so excited to have the opportunity to share our inspirations for weddings and events with you.  Why are we doing this?  Because we want you to have a memorable event and we all need inspiration sometimes.  Come back soon for pictures and ideas!

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