Full Service Planning

If you have ever planned a large event you know that it takes many hours away from time you could be spending with your family, friends or even working.  Let me relieve the burden of having to plan, research, and reserve your vendors and venues.  I will also help on the day of your event so that you can continue to relax and enjoy the event.

Month-Of/Day-Of Coordination

You’ve done all of your planning but you want to enjoy your event.  I can ensure that your event runs smoothly by having a timeline and working with your vendors.  I will also take care of any issues that may arise at your event.  Let me take the stress off of your shoulders.

Portfolio Builder

We all have to have a portfolio and sometimes if you aren’t able to book a job, you can’t have pictures showing your product and/or service.  I have great business relationships with a variety of vendors who can help build your portfolio.  I can help plan the concept, coordinate with all of the necessary vendors and execute the agreed upon marketing strategy.  You’ll have rights to all of your images.

Feasibility Analysis

With a background in Finance, I can provide you with various options for your event prior to signing any contracts with vendors.  I’ll conduct a thorough research of all vendors and venues for your event.  I’ll provide you with the research and my recommendations.  You’ll have the option to continue with me for the planning of the event or I can provide you with the list of vendors/venues.


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